Even before the Bologna Declaration announced by the European Ministers of Education in 1999 and the resulting introduction of today's quality assurance systems, it became necessary to develop a suitable form of quality testing due to the confusing range of MBA programmes that had developed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Hence, the leading organisations of Swiss, Austrian and German industry established the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) in autumn 1994 as an international foundation. Right from Day One, the intention was to develop a strict Assessment Guide for quality assurance in the field of management training.

The FIBAA Foundation Council is the leading board of the Foundation. It defines and represents the common interests of the founders and decides on the economic and strategic baselines of FIBAA's work. The FIBAA Foundation Council assures that FIBAA's mission is well-established in society and its institutions and promotes FIBAA's overall values of transparency, quality and internationality in the field of higher education.

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Executive Committee of FIBAA Foundation Council



  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Riemer, former Head of Education, Innovation & Research, Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) and member of European Economic and Social Committee, Vienna 


  • Prof. em. Dr. Jürg Manella, Former Director of Executive MBA, University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen


  • Dr. Barbara Dorn, Head of Departement Education | Vocational Training, BDA (Bundesvereinigung der Arbeitgeberverbände), Berlin
  • Dr. Oliver Heikaus, Head of Division Continuing Education, German Chamber of Insdutry and Commerce (DIHK e.V.)
  • Mag. Kurt Koleznik, General Secretary, Association of Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), Vienna
  • Dr. Michael Landertshammer, Department Chief at General Sekretariat of the  Austrian Economic Chamber, Vienna
  • Prof. Dr. oec. HSG Rudolf Minsch, Chief Economist/ Economic Policy, Education & Energie, Economiesuisse, Zurich

Members of the FIBAA Appeals Committee

  • Dr. Hans Höller, Siemens AG 
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Knorr, German University of Administrative Sciences 
  • Prof. Dr. Irina Kohler, Fulda University of Applied Sciences
  • Nadja Kolibacz, Student of the TU Berlin 

The regulations of the FIBAA Appeal Committee can be downloaded here (available only in German).