Programme accreditation according to the international quality standards of FIBAA is the right instrument for you, if 

  • you are a public or private, state-recognised Higher Education Institution, 
  • the study programmes to be accredited are in the field of management studies, economics, law or social sciences or have a focus on one of these fields, 
  • you want to accredit your study programmes according to international quality standards and the principles of the Bologna Declaration. 

We offer you

  • an internationally recognised quality seal for your study programmes, 
  • extensive and elaborated assessment reports, which highlight the strengths of the accredited study programmes and identify potential for their further development, 
  • an outstanding expertise in the assessment of study programmes, 
  • a special focus on internationality, employability, practical economic relevance and service orientation, 
  • a service oriented, efficient and flexible procedure (4-6 months) 

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