FIBAA is a European, internationally oriented agency for quality assurance and quality development in higher education. We see ourselves as a partner for Higher Education Institutions and comparable education providers. The disciplinary focus of our activities is on management studies, law, social sciences and economics. 

With many years of experience and our large network of experts we accompany and support you in every step of your quality strategy. 

FIBAA: The right partner for you

  • We have twenty years of expertise in quality assurance and quality development in higher education 
  • We have a strong international orientation and international experience · 
  • We have a close relation to the business world – through our founder organisations, our committees and our experts  
  • We have a vast range of offers – from programme and institutional accreditation services to specific evaluations, audits, certification procedures and individual consulting services, events and studies  
  • Last but certainly not least, we have a team of competent project managers with wide experience in international quality assurance and development.