Training for FIBAA Experts

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The online training courses provide basic knowledge about the various types of FIBAA procedures and the evaluation criteria. Participation is particularly recommended before embarking on the first assignment. However, it is also useful for the more experienced FIBAA assessors to refresh their own knowledge at regular intervals. (→ You can find the presentations and recordings of our online training courses here. Only logged-in members can access the link)

We prepare our FIBAA Experts for accreditation and certification procedures

Reviewers need a good knowledge of the assessment and accreditation criteria as well as the particular procedures themselves. Therefore, FIBAA offers trainings for experts on a regular basis. Such training should usually be attended before being assigned to an accreditation project for the first time or at least within a year after having been appointed as an expert. Moreover, experts are advised to refresh their knowledge approx. every two years by attending FIBAA trainings and seminars.

Here you can find all upcoming events

Here you can find all upcoming events