PROG Criteria for Professors


Criteria for Appointing Lecturers/Professors as Assessors for Programme Accreditation

he profile for lecturers/ professors being employed as FIBAA reviewers is based on their academic competence in the relevant subject areas.

These reviewers have to meet the following criteria:

Required criteria

  • Several years of teaching and research experience at institutions of higher education. This can be ideally verified by:

    1. active membership in the relevant scientific community

    2. good reputation and extensive knowledge in their subject area.

Optional criteria

  • experience with accreditation and evaluation processes

  • being open to the developments within the Bologna Process framework

  • networking with companies and/ or cooperating with them (in research or consulting activities)

  • practical competence from the contact/ cooperation with businesses and companies or business and legal consulting organisations

  • international experience

  • foreign language skills