Appointment of FIBAA Experts

Impartiality of the FIBAA Experts

At the beginning of each procedure, the FIBAA Experts are asked to declare their impartiality by submitting the relevant form (Declaration of impartiality).

 FIBAA will have reason to believe that the FIBAA Expert is not impartial in an accreditation procedure if 

  • the FIBAA Expert is an employee of the applicant higher education institution or has been their employee in the last five years,, 

  • • the FIBAA Expert is involved in a doctoral or post-doctoral project or an appointment procedure at the applicant higher education institution or has participated in such projects/procedures at that institution in the last five years, 

  • Students have been enrolled at the applicant university in the last three years, 

  • there is ongoing participation in joint research projects/consulting or other intensive cooperation projects or such cooperation has taken place in the last three years, 

  • the department to which an FIBAA Expert belongs has been assessed by members of the applicant higher education institution in the last three years (with the exception of a cross-assessment). 

If the applicant higher education institution gives the FIBAA Expert an offer of future involvement in teaching or research in the course of the procedure, the FIBAA Expert is obliged to inform FIBAA of this immediately. 

Confidentiality on the part of FIBAA Experts

Prior to their first assignment as an FIBAA Expert, they are advised of the confidentiality of the information received in the course of procedures. The completed confidentiality declaration must be signed and returned to FIBAA (by e-mail to; by fax to +49 (0) 228 280 356 20 or by post to FIBAA, Berliner Freiheit 20-24, 53111 Bonn, Germany).

Prior to the first assignment as an FIBAA Expert, FIBAA will ascertain the expertise of the potential applicants. The following procedural steps are necessary for this:

  • As part of the application process, a registration form for FIBAA Experts from academia and professional practice / registration form for students must be completed, signed and returned to FIBAA.

  • The FIBAA team decides on the basis of the registration form whether the expert can be deployed in programme accreditation procedures or institutional procedures and makes the internal appointment

  • If there is mutual agreement, and after two or more initial assignments, the expert will then be given a permanent appointment as an FIBAA Expert by the FIBAA Accreditation and Certification Committee

Criteria for Appointing FIBAA Experts
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FIBAA Expert's Tasks
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