Criteria for Appointing FIBAA Experts


FIBAA has laid down a series of criteria for the appointment of FIBAA Experts, which are intended to ensure that FIBAA FIBAA Experts have relevant and comprehensive expertise. In doing so, it is guided by the guidelines for the appointment of FIBAA Experts and the composition of expert groups for accreditation procedures as issued by the German Rectors' Conference (HRK).

FIBAA conducts three types of procedures:

  • Programme accreditation procedures,

  • institution-related procedures

  • certification procedures.

Since the subject matter of the assessment is different in each case, the requirements for the respective assessors needed are also defined differently in each case.

To find out about FIBAA's criteria for appointing assessors, please select the relevant group:

Assessors for programme accreditation:

Assessors for institutional procedures:

Assessors for certification procedures:

In addition, FIBAA carries out evaluations and consultancy projects according to individual specifications, for which experts from the respective subject areas to be assessed are used.