FIBAA Quality Seal „Excellence in Digital Education“

Digital teaching and learning formats have been significantly further developed in recent years and are faced with new opportunities as well as major challenges. With the continuous changes in formats, the question of quality assurance is an essential one. Which standards are necessary in order to continue the new teaching and learning formats in a quality-assured manner? This is where FIBAA comes in and has developed the new certification “Excellence in Digital Education”.

The new seal is based on the "Occasional Paper 26" of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) on the subject of "Considerations for quality assurance of e-learning provision" and development input from external experts from HE institution management as well as workshops of the FIBAA office on the subject. The main points of the certification are the following:




Standards of the new seal


"Excellent digital teaching places high demands on people, but also on the technical infrastructure. Central is a modern e-campus, which offers students and teachers a variety of interaction options. It is just as important that there are modern and competence-oriented standards for digital teaching. We look forward to contributing to the evaluation of these criteria as a pilot higher education institution."

Prof. Dr Ottmar Schneck, Rector and Managing Director of SRH Distance Higher Education Institution



"In the development and implementation of our excellent digital teaching, we take into account the personnel, technical and administrative framework conditions. The didactic design is based on the content of the material to be taught and the needs of the students. The external expertise in the process of obtaining the "Excellence in Digital Education" seal helps to further develop one's own competencies."

Prof. Jürg Kessler, Rector of the Graubünden Higher Education Institution of Applied Sciences




"From a student perspective, it is particularly important to me that high standards are also ensured in digital teaching and learning formats. The areas of personnel, technology and didactic design must be implemented in a digital strategy for higher education institutions so that students in particular can experience many benefits from digital teaching formats here in the future."

Julia Ekhardt, student at TU Munich



"Digitisation is changing the world. No stone is left unturned. Teaching, studies and higher education institutions are massively affected. New business models, products, processes and markets are emerging. It is constantly going faster and faster. This makes efficient quality management systems all the more important. Students, alumni and employers have a right to quality and transparency. This is exactly what the new FIBAA Seal is all about. It is great and incredibly important that FIBAA is taking on this innovative subject!"

Prof. Dr Andreas Altmann, Rector of MCI The Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institution®


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