Welcome to our anniversary page! We are delighted that you are joining us to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

This anniversary not only marks a milestone in our organisational history, but also a time of gratitude.

Immerse yourself in our past, discover our present and let's shape the future together.

Over the past 30 years, FIBAA has experienced a remarkable journey characterised by a relentless dedication to excellence in educational quality. Through our dedicated staff, our team of experts and our valuable Committee members, we have not only set high standards but also built a strong and trusting partnership with our clients.

We are proud that our shared pursuit of quality and innovation has led to numerous successes that benefit both us and our clients. The commitment and expertise of our employees and FIBAA Experts have enabled us to set standards and shape the educational landscape in a sustainable way. We are grateful for the loyal support of our clients and the collaborative partnership that has enabled us to continuously improve the education system.

Together, we look back on our successes with pride and are ready to tackle the challenges of the future with the same determination and enthusiasm.

Our vision for the future: Continuous innovation and excellence in the quality of education.

In light of our rich heritage and successes over the past 30 years, we remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our passion for excellence in educational quality drives us to set new standards and tackle the challenges of the ever-changing educational landscape.

We are determined to continue to provide you - our clients - with first-class services and fulfil your needs. Looking to the future, we are confident that through our combined efforts we will continue to make a positive contribution to education.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and look forward to reaching new heights together.

Testimonials & Greetings

Tell us how FIBAA has supported you.


Dear Ms. Diane Freiberger, FIBAA Executive Director

On behalf of the faculty and staff at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, we are delighted to extend our warmest congratulations on the occasion of FIBAA’s 30th anniversary (1994-2024). We would like to send heartfelt birthday wishes to the leadership and members of FIBAA.
With extensive experience in higher education quality assurance and the support of numerous professors and experts from European universities, FIBAA has significantly contributed to improving university administration and quality assurance, thereby enhancing the overall quality of education and meeting the evolving needs of learners, employers and society.
FIBAA stands as one of the most reputable international organizations offering consulting and support services to Vietnamese higher education institutions, focusing on quality management system development, quality assurance, and education accreditation, always upholding modern standards of quality and transparency.
Since 2017, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City has partnered with FIBAA. Originating from Vietnam, and driven by the aspiration to access advanced European higher education, we embarked on a journey of continuous improvement and international education quality assurance. This collaboration has resulted in the accreditation and quality certification of 13 study programs by FIBAA, including both initial accreditations and re-accreditations.
A significant milestone was achieved in 2022 when the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City became the first higher education institution in Vietnam to be successfully accredited institutionally by FIBAA.
FIBAA's expertise has enabled us to enhance our quality management system, internal quality assurance processes, and overall educational service quality, fostering a robust culture of quality assurance within our institution.
As we advance towards becoming a multidisciplinary and sustainable research university, we are committed to continuing our collaboration with international accreditation organizations, with FIBAA as a strategic partner.

Happy 30th Birthday, FIBAA!
We wish good health and continued success to the leadership and members of FIBAA!

Sincerely, TRAN TIEN KHAI, Associate Professor, Head Department of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development


FIBAA 30th Anniversary Message: KIMEP University – Dr Chan Young Bang

Congratulations to FIBAA on thirty excellent years! In my work as the President and Founder of KIMEP University, academic excellence has always been my top priority. FIBAA’s exceptional work as an international accreditation agency and its partnership with KIMEP over the years is essential to our success as a university. I am proud to have 35 of KIMEP’s academic programs accredited by FIBAA. I have always appreciated my profound discussions with FIBAA’s leadership and team, especially during their visits to campus. KIMEP recently celebrated its own 30th anniversary, so I can speak personally to the leadership and the continued work by all required to sustain an organization over time.

I congratulate FIBAA, its outstanding leaders, and all who have contributed to the organization over the years, on their vision, dedication, and commitment to their institution’s core values. I am a strong advocate for transparency as essential to the success of educational institutions. FIBAA is a pillar of transparency and quality in the field of higher education. I look forward to many years of future collaboration between KIMEP University and FIBAA!


FIBAA 30th Anniversary letter: Narxoz University – Miras Daulenov, President

Dear Ms. Diane Freiberger, FIBAA Executive Director,
On behalf of Narxoz University community, I sincerely congratulate FIBAA on its 30th anniversary. We are honored to be part of the FIBAA community, united by a single, yet incredibly important, mission: improving the quality of higher education.
Our university became a holder of institutional accreditation from your esteemed agency in 2022, followed by more than a dozen program accreditations. This pivotal step has enabled us to further develop our educational and business processes, and raise our international profile. A balanced and sustainable approach to organizing our educational process is foundational for Narxoz University, reflected in FIBAA standards.
Today, the world faces many challenges that cannot be resolved without an elevated role for higher education institutions. We are glad there is a growing interest in international accreditation and quality assurance mechanisms in the Central Asian region. FIBAA plays a key role in the transformation of the higher education system.
We are confident that the graduates of programs accredited by FIBAA will effectively contribute to the resolution of the challenges our world faces.
With deep respect and highest recognition for the work of FIBAA,
Miras Daulenov, President


Dr Birger Hendriks

I got to know FIBAA over twelve years in various functions, first as a special representative and project manager, later as interim managing director (2015/2016) and then as project manager for the international area until today. The intensive work was always paired with enjoyment, constructive discussions and collegiality. The strong commitment of the many people involved at FIBAA is remarkable: the honorary members of the Foundation Council and the FIBAA Accreditation and Certification Commission, who come from several European countries; the experts from Germany and abroad, who contribute their diverse expertise; and last but not least, the FIBAA employees under the leadership of the Managing Director, who form the ‘core team’. The excellent interaction between all of them is the basis for the high level of professionalism, transparency, willingness to take responsibility and experience that FIBAA brings to higher education institutions and other academic institutions in Germany and abroad. This pleases and impresses me time and time again.
FIBAA has developed very well and mastered many challenges. I am sure that FIBAA will continue to be an excellent and professional partner for higher education institutions at both national and international level when it comes to quality assurance and counselling. I wish it every success in this endeavour.


Dr Alina Zhumagulova

Dear esteemed colleagues at FIBAA,
On behalf of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR), I extend my heartfelt congratulations to FIBAA on the remarkable milestone of your 30th anniversary. Over the past three decades, FIBAA has set exemplary standards in accreditation and quality assurance, significantly contributing to the enhancement of higher education globally.
Our collaboration with FIBAA has been instrumental in advancing our shared goals of promoting transparency and quality in education. The Memorandum of Cooperation between our organizations has paved the way for joint international accreditation, expert exchanges, and numerous educational projects that have enriched the academic landscape.
As we celebrate this significant anniversary, we look forward to continuing our strong partnership, striving together to uphold and elevate the standards of education. Your unwavering commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to all of us in the field of accreditation and quality assurance.
Congratulations once again on this exceptional achievement. We wish FIBAA continued success and many more years of impactful contributions to the world of education.
With warm wishes for continued success,

Dr Alina Zhumagulova, General Director of Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR)

Prof Dr Kerstin Fink

Dear FIBAA team,
It is a great pleasure and honor for me to address this greeting to FIBAA as an institution, to all employees and reviewers, but also to the important resource, namely the network of national, European and international universities. As a former managing director, I particularly valued the trusting and close exchange with our stakeholders.
This created a situation of appreciation and always conversations at eye level, in the sense of being an equal partner. For me, accreditation does not just mean meeting standards, but rather an attitude towards quality development. FIBAA is a so-called “enabler” for Higher Education Institutions and helps to improve the educational landscape by allowing students to rely on the excellent quality “made in Germany”.
I would particularly like to emphasize the commitment of the entire team, which always acted with passion and professionalism. I describe the interaction between universities, committees, politics, together with FIBAA as the heart of success. I would also like to particularly thank the international universities who gave me a lot of insight into the special features of the Higher Education Institution landscape and who entrusted their university to me as managing director and thus to FIBAA.
I wish FIBAA continued success and good luck with accreditation processes.
With very best regards
Prof Dr Kerstin Fink
(Managing Director from the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2020)

Institution: Bavarian Industry University of Applied Science, President


Dr Heinz-Ulrich Schmidt; Schmidt-Consult, Bonn – FIBAA turns 30! My heartfelt congratulations.

Founded in 1994, it is the oldest of the ten accreditation agencies now authorised in Germany. The reason for this is that long before the implementation of the Bologna reform in 1999, the new continuing education degrees "Executive Master of Business Administration" and "Master of Business Administration" emerged from English-speaking countries and companies wanted to know what value they had and what competences they imparted. The business associations of Switzerland, Austria and Germany therefore jointly founded the "Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation" (FIBAA). It has retained this name to this day, even though it now accredits all study programmes that the Accreditation Council requires universities to accredit. The founding directors were the lawyers Hanjo Brackmann and Jörg Feuchthofen from the BDA.
I joined FIBAA in 2003 after retiring from active professional life. Hanjo Brackmann, an old school friend of mine, successfully asked me if I wanted to be involved in FIBAA. I was then involved for 18 years, in various roles as programme manager, at times as managing director and later as special representative.
I remember many wonderful encounters, events and procedures, but I would like to emphasise just one encounter in particular. One momentous event was the first accreditation of an Executive MBA at KIMEP University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Together with a competitor, I presented FIBAA there and answered questions from the deans and the president. His last question was what I was doing outside of FIBAA. I replied that I play tennis and table tennis. This brought a smile to everyone's face and the President challenged me to a table tennis match. We played in comfortable conditions: alone in the gym, two ball boys brought us back the lost balls and played for about an hour. Frankly, I'm not a bad table tennis player, but the president, a Korean, had obviously been born with a table tennis bat under his arm. I couldn't win a single game, even with a handicap of ten points. But it was great fun. And FIBAA got the procedure, for whatever reason.
After that, I was often in Almaty for accreditations and workshops, and each time we played table tennis, and each time with the same result. This led to an intimacy between the President and myself that continues to this day, long after I have left FIBAA.
I am still associated with FIBAA and am delighted with the positive development it has undergone in recent years and hope and wish that this will continue for a long time to come.

Dr Heinz-Ulrich Schmidt

Dr Claudia Mössenlechner

The higher education sector all around the world is facing significant and disruptive challenges.
Demographic shifts and enrollment rates, concerns about delivery methods and curricula against the background of Artificial Intelligence, the role and impact of research and student engagement, the integration of external stakeholders and the society at large – The list is endless, and so are the challenges for our sector.
And this is where FIBAA comes in.
Independent experts in assessing the quality of programs and HE institutions, discussions on a peer-to-peer level, meeting experts on developing quality standards we all can adhere to in higher education and, most importantly, at the same time finding a common language to talk about the quality and concepts in education with the students in mind. – all this has not only inspired me along my career, but it has also shaped me in my professional approach and my work.
So, all in all, I am truly grateful to occasionally be part of FIBAA, a great bunch of forward-looking people I really enjoy working with.

In this spirit: Happy 30th Birthday FIBAA, continue doing what you are doing which, in essence, is all about shaping the future of education and partnering for excellence in higher education.
Thank you FIBAA, cheers and don’t forget to celebrate!

CONGRATULATION LETTER ON FIBAA'S 30TH ANNIVERSARY – National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, Georgia

Dear Ms. Diane Freiberger,
Esteemed Colleagues at FIBAA,

On behalf of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, Georgia, we extend our warmest congratulations to FIBAA on the remarkable occasion of its 30th anniversary.
We strongly hold that over the past three decades, FIBAA has established itself as a beacon of excellence in quality assurance for education and science. Your commitment to upholding the highest standards has earned you a well-deserved reputation as a reliable partner in the pursuit of academic excellence.
We are honored to have collaborated with FIBAA, sharing experiences and exchanging best practices in external quality assurance processes. This partnership has been invaluable in our shared pursuit of quality, transparency, and comparability in education.
FIBAA's extensive network of highly qualified experts and its consistent adherence to internationally recognized guidelines have earned FIBAA an excellent reputation in the field of quality assurance. We recognize your tireless efforts in promoting academic integrity and fostering an environment conducive to the advancement of knowledge.
As you celebrate this significant milestone, we offer our most sincere congratulations and wish FIBAA continued success in its noble mission of upholding the highest standards in education and science.

Lasha Margishvili

Acting Director, National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, Georgia


Dear Ms Freiberger, dear FIBAA team,
On behalf of the Euro-FH, we would like to congratulate you on the 30th anniversary of FIBAA and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful cooperation.

We have been working together for 20 years now, because that's how long the Euro-FH has been around. We have accredited around 80 new degree programmes together with you and carried out various re-accreditations. Last year saw the successful system accreditation.
FIBAA has provided us with excellent support in all of these procedures. Our thanks go to the project managers, to you, Ms Freiberger, and not least to the dedicated experts.
As a quality assurance agency, you make an important contribution to the further development of programmes and universities not only in German-speaking countries, but now also internationally. You are characterised by the fact that you treat universities with great respect and as equals. In every single procedure, we have noticed that our university and the quality of our programmes are important to you.
With this in mind, I would like to thank you all, congratulate you on your 30th anniversary and wish you every success and all the best for the future.

Marcus Bysikiewicz                     Nina Basedahl
President of the Euro-FH            Vice President for Accreditation

Thanks to our clients – our Team – our FIBAA Experts

A heartfelt thank you to our valued clients: Without you, our success would not be possible.

Your loyalty, support and cooperation have characterised our organisation over the last 30 years and contributed to our success.

When we look back at our past, we recognise the importance of our clients for our success. But our journey does not end here – on the contrary, it continues into the future. We invite you to become part of our success story. Be a part of our future and experience the benefits of a partnership with us.

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Our success is based not only on our products and services, but also on the tireless commitment and expertise of our dedicated employees and committee members.

Our FIBAA team is dedicated to supporting accreditation and certification procedures at German and international higher education institutions as well as continuing education providers in Germany and abroad with dedication and expertise.

Your unwavering trust and valuable contributions are greatly appreciated and have contributed significantly to our success. Each of you brings a unique added value that strengthens and enriches the entire team. We are proud to work with such a talented and dedicated team and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration.

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Ihr unermüdlicher Einsatz und ihre Fachkenntnisse haben einen unvergleichlichen Beitrag zu unserem Erfolg geleistet.

FIBAA Expertinnen und FIBAA Experten spielen eine entscheidende Rolle bei der Gewährleistung von Bildungsqualität auf höchstem Niveau. Mit ihrem fundierten Fachwissen und ihrer umfassenden Erfahrung tragen sie maßgeblich dazu bei, die Standards für Bildungsinstitutionen und -programme auf internationaler Ebene zu setzen und zu verbessern. Ihre Expertise erstreckt sich über verschiedene Bereiche der Wissenschaft, der beruflichen Praxis und der Studentenschaft und bildet damit eine vielschichtige Basis für die Zusammenarbeit zur Weiterentwicklung des Bildungswesens. Durch ihre interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit und ihr Engagement für Exzellenz tragen FIBAA Expertinnen und FIBAA Experten dazu bei, die Qualität der Hochschulbildung weltweit zu fördern und sicherzustellen.




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