Certification of Continuing Education Courses (Procedural Steps)



1. Inquiry

For initial information and so that we can give you a tailor-made quotation, we ask you to complete and return our Application form. We can then provide you with a non-binding quotation and discuss the desired timetable for the certification procedure with you. Before the application is made, we are happy to inform you in a preparatory discussion about the content and work stages of the certification procedure. 

3- Appointment of the FIBAA Expert Team

As soon as you have submitted the self-evaluation report, we will nominate a FIBAA project manager as your contact and appoint a review panel, which generally consists of at least four experts: two from the field of academia, one expert from professional practice and one student. In order to ensure that the review panel is unbiased, FIBAA will give you the opportunity to submit any reasonable appeal. We will prepare our FIBAA Experts for your area of activity and every actual procedure. 

5. Compiling the report

The review panel then prepares a comprehensive assessment report in which all quality requirements are documented in a comprehensible manner.
The quality requirements are based on the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

You can write a statement on this assessment report. Both documents – the assessment report and your statement – will be submitted for final decision-making to the FIBAA Accreditation and Certification Committee F-ACC.

2- Compiling the self-evaluation report

After the procedure has started, you will compile your self-evaluation report (including the relevant appendices) on the basis of our Assessment Guide for the certification of continuing education courses, which gives a detailed description of all the relevant quality standards. 

4. Site visit

After reading through your self-evaluation report and before appointing the review panel, we will agree a date with you for a site visit, which usually takes one day. This helps to acquire information about your institution and verify your self-evaluation report through discussions with the management of the institution, teaching staff, students, administrative staff and other relevant groups in your institution. 

6. Decision-making

On the basis of the report, the decision recommendation of the review panel and by taking account of your opinion, the Members of the FIBAA Accreditation and Certification Committee (F-ACC) will reach a decision about your application for certification. Afterwards the full report is published on the FIBAA homepage

The duration of a certification in the case of an initial certification is 5 years; in the case of a re-certification, it is 7 years. 

Throughout the accreditation process, we will be at your service – even in case of necessary improvement measures.

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