Objectives of the procedure


A FIBAA certification gives you detailed information and provides you with objective evidence on the quality of your continuing education courses. We evaluate the following five key issues:



  1. Objectives and positioning of the course

  2. Focus on the target group

  3. Contents, structure, didactical concept and methodology of the course 

  4. Academic environment and framework requirements 

  5. Documentation, quality assurance and quality development 


A further objective of the certification procedure of FIBAA is to improve recognition of prior learning and access to further academic studies. 

Your Benefits

1. Compatibility with academic education

The FIBAA Quality Seal for certified continuing education courses documents the high academic level of your courses and its compatibility with academic education. With the certification, you can document the level of knowledge and skills imparted and the compatibility with academic degree programmes. You can thus offer your graduates further qualification prospects. We base our assessment of the courses on the European Qualification Framework (EQF), the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) as well as the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG). 

2. Business relevance

The special focus when awarding our FIBAA Quality Seal for continuing education courses is on business relevance. Consequently, we assess the acquisition of professional skills, the integration of theory and practice and cooperation with businesses. 

3. Recommendations and incentives for the further development of your courses

You receive detailed assessment reports with clear recommendations how to improve and further develop your continuing education courses. We want to support you in strengthening the profile of your courses and integrate the latest developments in knowledge, the occupational field and didactics. 

4. Specialist expertise

Our expertise lies in the certification of continuing education courses in the field of management studies, economics, law and the social sciences. Our experts are accomplished academics, experienced professionals, knowledgeable national experts and committed students. We also take the special didactic features and organisational requirements of face-to-face, distance, cooperative and executive education into account in our procedures and provide proven experts for these. 

5. Long-term international experience

Since our establishment in 1994, we have helped a large number of European and non-European Higher Education Institutions and other education providers to assure and further develop the quality of their courses. With the FIBAA Quality Seal you will achieve a recognised quality rating, which has established itself on the international education market as an award for high quality. 

6. Individual support

We support you at every stage of the certification procedure - from the first contact to the planning and organisation of the site visit until the final decision on certification. You receive all relevant information and documents you need for a successful certification. A project manager of FIBAA will support you during the entire process. 

7. User-friendliness

Direct links to all the sources of law, external standards and further documents and sample templates ensure comprehensive transparency and offer you the best possible assistance when satisfying the requirements of a certification. 

8. FIBAA Premium Seal

We are the only agency, which awards a Premium-Seal for certified continuing education courses. We use this in particular to single out established courses, which have already registered graduates and display excellent quality. With this award we give prospective students, students, graduates, providers of higher education and prospective employers reliable information about the excellent quality of the course.