Information for FIBAA Experts


The assessment of degree programmes, continuing and postgraduate courses, institutions and quality management systems follows in line with the peer review process used in the academic field. Independent experts chosen on the basis of subject specific criteria examine and assess the situation together with the HEI on a basis of "equal standing". FIBAA's strict set of quality criteria ensure that unbiased and considerate expertise is assured at all times. 

FIBAA sets a number of requirements for the appointment of experts. FIBAA differentiates between experts from the status groups 

  • professors at universities and universities of applied sciences 

  • professional practice, and 

  • students. 

A good knowledge of and insight into the assessment, evaluation and accreditation criteria and procedures is absolutely essential for the work of an expert. This is why FIBAA offers regular training courses for its experts extending far beyond the statutory requirements.

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Evaluation of the Accreditation and Certification Procedures of FIBAA by experts

The evaluation of FIBAA's accreditation and certification procedures by the FIBAA Experts is carried out regularly as an online survey. After a procedure has been decided by the FIBAA Accreditation and Certification Committee or after the accreditation report has been submitted to the higher education institution, the appointed FIBAA Experts receive an email from the FIBAA Quality Management Department with the relevant link and a request to evaluate the associated procedures.

FIBAA Expert's Tasks
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Criteria for Appointing FIBAA Experts
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