Criteria for Professional Practice


Criteria for Professional Representatives Appointing as Assessors for Certification Procedures

The profile for representatives of the professional practice as FIBAA reviewers is based on their executive experience. Executive experience in this context means managing personnel, organisations, finances/ budgets as well as processes. However, it does not solely comprise personnel management but also the management of organisations as well as carrying out business actions and processes.

These criteria can be applied to legal experts in an analogous way with regard to a legal advisory capacity in a company, in an administration, in comparable organisations or as a freelancer and in connection with professional and personnel responsibility.

These reviewers have to meet the following criteria:

Required criteria

Several years of executive experience in business, which can be ideally verified by  

  • entrepreneurial and operational experience, not only holding positions with pure preparatory tasks

  • personnel responsibility for more than five employees

  • budget responsibility, ideally connected with the responsibility for profits and losses

  • relevant experience with taking on new employees and/ or filling vacancies in their company

Legal experts as reviewers from the professional practice

  • experience with legal advice and legal proceedings, e.g. in a lawyer’s office

  • having practice as a lawyer or a notary on one's own authority

  • executive function (with a legal focus) in public administration

Optional criteria

  • networking with HEIs and/or experience with cooperating with them (in research activities or when recruiting new employees)

  • ideally experience with using or managing quality processes